The United States and Canada were hit by a winter storm

The United States and Canada were hit by a winter storm

The eastern United States and Canada are still feeling the effects of the devastating winter storm that struck Monday, January 17th. Heavy snowfall causes widespread power outages: More than 130,000 U.S. homes were without electricity Monday afternoon, according to

Winter storm warnings are in effect in seven states, from North Carolina in the southeast to Maine in the northeast. “The big winter storm that hit the eastern third of the country is slowly receding today”, The National Weather Service (NWS), the National Weather Service, said in a tweet Monday morning. Corn “The main effects of snow, ice, wind and coastal flooding will last over a wide area.”

In the air, more than 1,600 domestic or international flights were already canceled in the United States on Monday, although more than 3,000 flights were canceled the previous day.

In Canada, parts of the provinces of Quebec and Ontario have been placed under snowstorm warning, with the country’s largest city, Toronto, and the capital, Ottawa, according to the Canadian government’s meteorological data site.

Many schools have been closed in Quebec and southern Ontario “Total snow accumulation 40 to 60 cm” According to the same site, it is expected to last until the evening in Toronto. All five vaccination clinics run by the city, which has a population of nearly three million, have ceased operations throughout the day.

In Toronto, 201 flights departing or arriving from Pearson International Airport will have to be canceled, which is more than half of the traffic congestion.

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