Spectacular fossils have been discovered in Australia

fossiles Australie

What are these fossils?

They are Remnants of animals and plants Died millions of years ago. Sometimes, under certain circumstances, they leave their mark on the rock: They are said to be fossilized.

With luck, fossils can be found everywhere, even in France. But because these new Australian fossils are exceptional It is very rare to see many, And is well preserved.

Find some photos of fossils found in Australia:

Where and when was it discovered?

The fossils were found near the city of Gulkong. In Australia, Their invention in 2017 Kept secret, No one will come to damage the site until the experts have completed their excavation work.

Nigel McGrath, a farmer, warned experts. He noticed it as he was removing stones in one of his fields The stones had strange markings. In his memory, scientists named the place “McGrath’s Flat”.

Fossil Australia
McGraths Flat Site Working Specialists. (© Salt Dingo / Australian Museum)

Why do these fossils fascinate scientists?

Because they are Very well preserved Experts can notice the most interesting details. For example, the head of this ein still bears Pollen grains. So we can know what kind of plants it came in search of.

Fossil Australia
(© Michael Fries / University of Canberra)

This little fish Died in full digestion: the contents of his stomach Imageed, And scientists can find out what he ate.

Fossil Australia
(© Salt Dingo / Australian Museum)

It is as if nature has taken away the photo of those who lived here 11 million years ago. Long before the first humans appeared! Specialists will still be needed Many years of research To understand everything these fossils have to tell us …

Fossils Australia
This map shows the various flora and fauna found in the McGraths flat. 11 million years ago, this place was a rainforest! (© Alex Boersma / Australian Museum)

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