Shell transforms a service station into a charging center in London


The famous oil tanker shell has transformed the service station in London into a full-fledged fast charging station.

Change is happening. Then Wholesale station in La Defense On the outskirts of Paris, throwing a stone into a pool is Shell’s method: the famous oil company has turned a service station into a full-fledged charging station.

It was in the Fulham district of London that Shell decided to bring the entire pole dedicated to recharging electric cars off the ground. Like other centers of this type, this station also offers a number of services such as lounge, dining area and Wi-Fi. Indicates that the shell infrastructure has undergone a number of changes. Starting with wooden structures covered with photovoltaic panels and double glazed windows with high insulating power.

Maximum power for shell terminals is 175 kW

As part of its configuration agreement with Australian manufacturer Tritium, the tanker has installed nine high-speed charging stations. These deliver a maximum of 175 kW of power, which includes most of the DC charging power provided by current electric cars.

According to Shell’s strategy, other stations of this type should see the light of day soon, as he has promised to set up 5,000 stations across the UK by 2025.

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