New NASA astronauts for the next era in space

New NASA astronauts for the next era in space

Leading News: According to a new report from NASA’s Inspector General’s Office, NASA needs to increase the number of its active astronauts to meet its requirements for lunar missions. Currently, 44 astronauts have created NASA’s active astronauts, which is well below its peak of 150 during the space shuttle launch in 2000. The relatively small number is sufficient for the current needs of the International Space Station, but the crew of the Artemis voyage to the moon must grow. The OIG also states that NASA does not have detailed demographic data for all of its astronauts. – particularly those described by the space agency’s military branch – so it’s difficult to know whether or not NASA meets its diversity targets. Training should be updated to prepare astronauts for the Artemis mission, to ensure that they are ready to fly with new vehicles and new rockets, and to collect samples from the moon and conduct some new scientific experiments.

Yes. Big picture: Other space agencies around the world are beginning to change the requirements for who becomes an astronaut.

Early astronauts drew test pilots from all male and white military backgrounds. Eventually, the agency diversified its forces, recruiting many white women and people of color from various backgrounds, and some of the current astronauts helped create the Artemis project, but may not be able to fly due to family needs, age or other reasons. Problems. , A historian Robert Perlman of Space and Axios, author of the website. This means that NASA will need more trained astronauts to help them transform. The European Space Agency has recently begun recruiting some disabled people who can fly in space, and the Japanese space agency has dropped its requirement for astronauts seeking a four-year bachelor’s degree. Applicants must have at least a master’s degree in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Despite these high requirements, NASA had no problem getting enough orders in the last round to distribute registration numbers.

Background: The astronaut team has undergone many changes since the formation of NASA. “Waiting for a plane for 15 years is frustrating for you, something you’ve wanted to do since childhood or quit a high-paying job at Lockheed or get a Ph.D.,” Michael, a writer and historian, told the Cassatt website. NASA’s Axios has processes to determine who will be assigned to the International Space Station, but the company has not yet finalized the framework for working on lunar missions with various scientific and engineering requirements.

By selecting more scientists, Cassatt said the agency will work to bring these skills into the astronaut rankings so they can learn from each other. Note: NASA may be looking for more geologists and scientists with useful skills and experience in exploring the lunar surface.

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