Franck Riester en visite dans l'usine Mars Petcare ce lundi (Loiret)

Mars Petcare of America is making a huge investment and job creation at its Lloyd factory

“France attractive to large international groups” : This is the government’s message as part of the “Choose France” day organized on Monday. The head of state and several other ministers traveled to the region to highlight the weight of foreign investment in our economy: Franck Riester, Minister of Foreign Trade and Attractions, arrived at the Saint-Denis-de -the Hotel in Mars Petcare this Monday morning.

Frank Ryster, center, CEO of Mars Petcare & Food France Romain Dumas and Editor-in-Chief of Lloyd Regine Engstrom
Frank Ryster, center, CEO of Mars Petcare & Food France Romain Dumas and Editor-in-Chief of Lloyd Regine Engstrom

American company that makes food for dogs and cats 85 85 million investment in its site Loiretain. Especially “new sachets” (10% per year for the last three years) faced strong demand, popular “pochonsPrimary products developed in 1993, which will create two new production lines, which will allow Create 70 jobs.

The image of France has changed! “

Frank Ryster is delighted to see it “The image of France has changed”According to him. “Over the years, we have been watching the industrialization of the country with social dramas, the desertification of some territories and a vicious circle that has ravaged these territories. The French boss on Mars made it clear to us that the group chose France because of the clear improvement in the French tax environment. “Politics has some benefits.”The Minister is pleased with the well-rehearsed speech three months before the presidential election.

Interior of the Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel factory
Interior of the Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel factory
Tuesday Bedcare

Romain Dumas, CEO of Mars Bedcare & Food France, quotes: “We are going to increase the production of refreshing sachets by more than 70%. [marques Whiskas et Pedigree]Today we have added 45,000 tons to the annual production we already do. Later, we will continue to update the existing tool. Finally, the new lines we are going to create here will make room for recyclable bags tomorrow.

Work to install the two new production lines should begin by the end of the month. And they will be operational by 2023. Appearing on the site during the visit on Monday, Florence Galzin, vice president of the Loiret department and mayor of the neighboring house Châteauneuf-sur-Loire, said he was reassured and very satisfied. Ads. Let’s remember that Mars Bedcare employs 450 people at the St. Denis de L’Hotel Hotel The company was founded in 1973, and in 2019, the company announced a community project on the Lower Valley site … before it was discontinued. “Three years ago, the company asked itself the question of investing in this site or in other French regions or elsewhere in Europe, so indeed, this announcement is good news for the region!

Please note that our correspondent was not authorized to take photographs during a visit to the Mars Petcare factory in St-Denis-de-l’Hôtel on Monday. Images published in this article were provided by the Mars Bedcare team.

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