Giant asteroid grazing the earth this Tuesday!

If you’re watched “Don’t Look up” on this great movie Netflix with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, the following will remind you of one …

In fact, just like the Adam McCain movie, a giant asteroid will orbit our planet on Tuesday, Sky News quoted the US space agency NASA as saying. Discovered in 1994 and baptized, the asteroid “1994 PC1” is more than a kilometer high and is developing at a dizzying speed of 20 km per second!

But the earth does not explode like in the picture. Oops! According to NASA, this phenomenon does not represent any danger. NASA also promises that the asteroid that orbits the Earth will “be known and studied for many years”. The good news: So we’re not all going to die on Tuesday, because “grazing” does not have the same meaning in everyday life as the US space agency’s scientists’ dictionary. The celestial body will pass over 1.9 million kilometers from Earth. The next time this asteroid comes very close to Earth, it will be in 2105. So there is nothing to fear.

Gilles Robert, head of the Ardenne Observatory, laughs at the news from NASA. “Grinding does not make sense as a whole. The asteroid will still pass far away from Earth. Then, the size of this asteroid is interesting because it can be said that it is much larger than the normal asteroid near Earth, i.e. an asteroid that crosses the Earth’s orbit. And if it hits Earth, it will It is true that there is no risk of these asteroids hitting, they are ultimately very close to Earth and they are unlikely to be attacked.

To view 1994 PC1, you will need a good telescope with a diameter of at least 15 cm and should be alert from 9pm to 11pm. The asteroid is invisible to the naked eye.

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