Chosen by TPMP’s primary author Alain Dellon and Georges Clooney, you can never guess who he is.

TPMP : Une chroniqueuse de l'émission draguée par Alain Delon et Georges Clooney ?

This is the news that caused a stir in the world of French television! Looks like a TPMP columnist is popular among celebrities! Although internet users have been wondering who this person who was approached by Georges Clooney and Alain Delon during his career is, recently the information came out. And the latter one is not an imaginary writer!

TPMP project continues to be a success!

It is a program that has been able to present itself in the field of French audiovisual. In fact, it has been on French television for many years, And it’s, on a daily basis, it gains vision.

For this, you need to know that TPMP is a program that can compete directly with other TV shows and enter this field.. Thus, he was able to impress his audience by adopting the most attractive unique themes.

In fact, it specializes in people news and is in various scoops I can see. Presented by none other than Cyril Hanona, well known presenter and presenter, it is watched by millions of viewers every evening.

The authors there are also very important to maintain the rhythm in TPMP. In the latter, we see former celebrities, but also former journalists who have worked in different newspapers.

Recently, one of these columnists released a big bombshell. In fact, she made it clear that Georges Clooney and Alain Delon had approached her!

Famous TPMP author?

This information caused a stir in the audiovisual world, but behind the scenes in TPMP.

In fact, an author from the very beginning of the show would have been approached by many of the celebrities we mentioned above.

This last one is amazing. Because it is Valerie Benaim. The TPMP columnist reveals this information during an event. In fact, Cyril Hanauna asked the columnists and guests, Events of the 1990s and 2000s.

Valerie Benam clarifies: ” It was with Guillaume Durand, during my first live bonus, that I was not far from it. Alain Dylan was very fond of me.

Although the shooting went well and he was satisfied with his performance, he did not expect the phone to come from the huge French cinema. The latter is none other than Alain Delon!

In fact, she mentions the following, the latter referring to what she called and what she took: ” For the short story, I wandered around for a long time with a message on my phone from Alain Delon, not knowing that it was him, I did not pick up. I kept asking all my friends.

He also mentions at TPMP that the director would not even bother to introduce himself as his voice was recognizable.

A date with George Clooney?

But while this first event greatly delighted and shocked other TPMP writers, as well as Cyril Hanuna, the latter did not stop there.

In fact, its sequel is quite amazing, and he described having dinner with a world-renowned actor. Thanks to the fame and success of this actor, above all many people want to have dinner with this actor. It’s none other than Georges Clooney!

He also mentions that the latter met him during an American film festival in Dowell.

He conducted an interview with the actor for a meeting and then highlighted some aspects of his life. The two were known for his class outside of TV shows, the latter volunteering to have dinner together.

Thus, before the astonished eyes of those on DPMP’s set, he mentions the following: ” He must have been a little bored at Doville, I think he did nothing but have dinner with a girl.

Surprising information for those in the package, but Valerie Benam also notes that the call was rejected. In fact, she was about to get married at that exact moment and could not accept the offer.

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