Canada, Argentina and Australia are subject to revocation of travel restrictions

Canada, Argentina and Australia are subject to revocation of travel restrictions

In Press release issued on January 17th, Council of Europe “removes Argentina, Australia and Canada from the list of countries whose travel restrictions should be lifted. “Non-essential travel to the EU from countries or institutions other than Annex I is subject to temporary travel restrictions,” the report said. It is without prejudice to the possibility of member states lifting temporary restrictions on non-essential travel to the EU for fully vaccinated travelers. ⁇

Due to the Omicron explosion, France has already taken action against Canada. It has changed to the “orange” category At the beginning of the year, the type that imposes specific measures on unvaccinated travelers. According to the RFI report, Argentina has been hit by an explosion of Omicron cases. Argentina and Australia are still classified as green by France., Currently. However, Australia’s borders are largely closed to French travelers. Except for those with certain visa types.

Unrestricted suggestions

Based on the criteria and conditions set out in the recommendation, from 17 January 2022, member states will gradually lift travel restrictions on the borders of residents of the following third countries: Bahrain, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Kuwait, New Zealand, Peru, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. The United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, China and China are subject to mutual confirmation.

The European Union, which closed its outer borders to tourists when the epidemic hit, has established a routinely updated banned list of third countries allowed to travel to Europe from June 2020. It is, however, a recommendation, not legally binding, that member states have sovereignty over their borders.

The criteria for determining third countries where current travel restrictions should be lifted were updated on 20 May 2021. They are about the epidemiological situation and the overall reaction to Covit-19, as well as the reliability of the information and available data sources. The Council of Europe says that in the case of accounting, mutual should be taken into account.

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