Twelve days of hand wrestling and a big mess with Australia

Twelve days of hand wrestling and a big mess with Australia
Novak Djokovic, based in Melbourne, Australia, will go to federal court on January 16, 2022 to have his deportation canceled.

Australians call this the “powers of God”. These are the preferred powers of their immigration minister, which is higher than any other member of government. On Friday, January 14, Alex Hawk used them to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa for the second time. Despite his glorious determination, the world number one in tennis did not gain weight. He missed his brief hearing in federal court on Sunday. The unvaccinated player left the country. The Australian Open, without its current champion, will start on Monday with great confusion.

“The tribunal considers it appropriate to clarify a number of issues related to the process, including interest and media coverage, including Mr Djokovic’s home country of Serbia.On Sunday evening, Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia James Allsop said. It is not the function of the court to judge on the basis of merit or wisdom of judgment [de M. Hawke].

Become the “Icon”

Novak Djokovic’s decision to stay in Australia prompted his decision to immigrate in the name of the public interest. “Vaccine can promote resistance”, ஆக a “Icon” Antivox and “Domestic unrest provokes uprising”. During the trial, Serbian lawyers described the attempt“Irrational”, “Irrational” And “Unfair”, Seemed to have gained points, especially when they argued, on the contrary, “Joko” was expelled, which risked inciting protests and strengthening anti-Vox sentiment.

“I do not really understand why they did not allow me to enter the country,” Novak Djokovic said

What finally made the balance in favor of the government? The three judges in charge of the case have not yet explained why their appeal was rejected. Whatever their reasons, civil rights organizations immediately condemned a dangerous paradigm as the omnipotence of a minister with the rare edges of maneuver in a democratic system. So, he does not have to prove how Novak Djokovic being in the country can cause unrest, but it is “Can” The tennis player’s lawyer explained that they do. In the same order, the “Perception of ideas” The player’s comments were considered important.

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