NFL: 49ers can oppose the Cowboys

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Arlington, Texas – Depo Samuel and San Francisco 49ers advanced to the playoffs after a frantic final against the Dallas Cowboys.

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys have to wait a long time at the playoffs.

Receiver Samuel took the ball 26 yards out to touch down the game following a Prescott interception, and 49 players survived Sunday’s late drive by the Cowboys to win 23-17.

Prescott decided to run … time is up!

The Cowboys got one last chance with 32 seconds left when the 49ers found themselves on the 41-yard line. Prescott slipped fast into midfield, hoping to get to the final with 14 seconds left on the clock.

However, from 24 runs, the Cowboys failed to play the ball before the last seconds. Shortly afterwards, referee Alex Kemp announced that the game was well over.

Head coach Mike McCarthy noted that the clash between Prescott and officer Ramon George slowed down the Cowboys and a referee on the touchline assured that the game would be reviewed.

“I have information that he’s going to reconsider the game,” McCarthy said. That we were going to add time to the game .. Then, a few moments later, they left the field. ⁇

“I thought they would put it off for a second. Then I heard the screams of the crowd and saw the officers running out. I do not know what happened,” Prescott said minutes after the match.

With 13 points ahead in the fourth quarter, 49 players broke Jimmy Caropolo’s intercepted pass. Prescott grabbed the middle finger and cut the 49ers lead to a touchdown, giving them a chance to take the lead with a change.

However, below the fourth, Prescott made a pass outside Cedric Wilson’s boundary, allowing 49 players to recapture within two minutes. 49 players failed to finish the full time and cleared the ball – which led to a dramatic end of the game.

The 49ers (11-7) will play against Green Bay in the second round of the playoffs and need another look at the National Convention finals.

“It lasted a whole day, really,” Caropolo said of the game’s final series. Fierce fighting in a crazy environment here. I mean, the fans were very serious. That’s all we thought the party would happen. It was fun. ⁇

The non-existent Cowboys Series (12-6) in the National Conference Finals will be extended for the 27th year.

“I am very disappointed for our supporters. They deserve this win and they deserve to see us go further, ”said Jerry Jones, general manager and team owner after another disappointment.

Prescott completed 23 of 43 passes for 254 passing yards. Caropollo, whose future is uncertain with 49 players after the season, found himself taking 17 of 25 passes for 172 yards through the air.

Prescott decided to run … time is up!

Prescott gives the impression of an accurate bass life from Dallas

Deepo Samuel drove immensely

Prescott refuses to give up

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