Michael Jordan has always refused to talk about magic and the bird

Les légendes NBA Michael Jordan, Larry Bird et Magic Johnson lors d'un shooting photo orchestré par Team USA avant les Jeux olympiques de 1992

Michael Jordan was never the last to speak in the trash inside or outside the court. Likewise, he always accepted his dominance throughout the league Hope Complete in his abilities. Nevertheless, when comparing himself to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, he refuses to say one more thing.

Michael Jordan He is considered by many to be the best player of all time and he is not completely against that idea. In fact, the number of bulls dominated the NBA in the 23 90s, thus breaking many myths and losing rings. Due to his mistake, Hall of Famers like Charles Barclay, Reggie Miller or Carl Malone did not get a chance to become champions.

In his best documentary The last dance, This superiority felt by MJ is evident in many scenes, especially those with Gary Baton. In fact, looking at the testimony of the former head of Sonics, who claims that the owner of the Hornets had partially stopped the six-time champion during the 1996 final, the latter could not help but laugh at such an assumption.

Michael Jordan does not see himself better than magic and the bird

His Ernes is well aware of this and his record goes in this direction and no one can stop him once he reaches orgasm. On the other hand, if his attitude shows too much self-confidence, Michael Jordan never dares to make the slightest contemptuous comment about two great men: Magic Johnson and Larry the bird. Evidence from this interview with SLAM Magazine in 1997.

I didn’t put myself above Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. I think we are all on an equal footing. They taught me a lot about NBA sports and team spirit, and I can never see myself as superior to them. People try, but we played at completely different times. I had the opportunity to face them when they were at their peak, but I was still young.

When I got the chance to peak, they were really at the end. We sent the torch to each other, but we never got a chance to compete at 100% abilities at the same time. So it is difficult to say that I am above them under these conditions and there is no evidence to support this. To me we are parallel in history.

According to Michael Jordan, it is almost impossible to compare epochs, which is why he cannot consider himself better than Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. No. According to 23, only a confrontation between two stars at the top of their game can really determine what is best. A very logical approach that could put an end to heated discussions like GOAT.

Michael Jordan Has full confidence in his qualities, he knows he was very dominant in the 90s, but because he could not rub the best version of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird on his shoulders, he refused, otherwise he refused to put themselves above them. All time sequence.

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