4 billion euros for this new version of Choose France

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Twenty foreign investment projects in France, ில்லியன் 4 billion: This is the highlight of the new edition of Choose France.

The rain of foreign investment skillfully planned by Elysee: This is the arrival of the “Choose France” summit this Monday. The event, which brings together large foreign executives at Versailles Palace once a year from 2018, changed shape due to ill health … This time it was not a big row, but a gathering of ministers across France for publicity. To illustrate the charm of France.

Emmanuel Macron receives the chairmanship of the Eastman Group at Elysee this Monday morning. The US company will invest 850 million euros in a molecular plastic recycling plant and create 350 jobs by 2025. The future plant, whose location will be determined in the coming months, will be able to recycle 160,000 tons of plastic per year, including textiles. Waste and household packaging.

In the afternoon, the head of state will go to the Hot-Rhine, Salambe chemical site, where BASF is going to build a new factory. The German team will invest 300 million euros to build a hexamethylenediamine (HMD) production site for nylon production. It will represent about fifty permanent jobs and nearly 500 jobs for its construction. Through this new factory, France will contribute 17% of global HMT production.

10,000 direct jobs

At the same time, six ministers will cross the border with foreign companies selected to develop France. The Minister of Public Service, Amelie de Montzalin, will be in Ezone, for example. Bérangère Abba, Secretary of State for Biology, will be in Vosges, where the Norwegian company Norske Skog has invested 250 250 million in its stationery.

In total, there are 21 investment projects, half of which are industrial projects. We see Pfizer with an industrial subcontracting plan to produce treatment against Covit-19, but GSK, a British group investing 118 million euros in three sites in France, wants to hire 600 people in Alsace, German company Merck and Gironde, or Ikea, Mars, Accenture, Ferrero, Cisco and Morgan .

With the key, 10,000 direct job creation, and 16,000 temporary CDIs announced by HR. Another feature that Elysée highlights: half of the projects target cities with a population of less than 20,000, which is considered to illustrate the renaissance of the regions. Since the first edition of Choose France in January 2018, 55 investment projects worth over 8 8 billion have been announced, creating 13,300 jobs.

5300 projects between 2017 and 2020

But beyond this event, the figures compiled by Business France, which concentrates on the biggest projects, effectively reflect the true dynamics of foreign investors in France. From 2017 to 2020, 5,300 investment projects and 143,000 jobs were maintained or created. Since 2019, France has become a leading destination for foreign investors in Europe. Elysee sees the validity of its economic policy choices in this charisma.

We would not have known this dynamic without the “flat tax”, the excise tax reduction, the contract law on limits, the reform of unemployment insurance or work orders, “we explain in Elysee. To someone close to Emmanuel Macron, this good old days provided by Choose France are a true signal of hope, especially as he underlines, “It is rare for many foreign investors to make announcements in the three months leading up to the presidential election.

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