The history of menswear is on display in London

The history of menswear is on display in London

The Victoria & Albert Museum will host an exhibition of “Fashionable Men: The Art of Men’s Clothing” from March 19 to November 6, dedicated to the history of men’s clothing, as well as the origins and evolution of masculinity. One hundred looks and many works of art will allow you to feel Diversity Male clothing, and Feed the current reflection on gender. To your agenda!

These men’s dresses, which have long been neglected in favor of women’s wardrobes, will be at the center of a major exhibition at V&A in London in a few weeks. “Fashionable Masculinity: The Art of Men’s Clothing”, planned Partnership with Gucci, It stands as the first exhibition of the renowned museum that pays homage to the diversity of men’s clothing. From the Renaissance to the present day.

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Portrait of Prince Alessandro Fornis Sophonispa Anguisola, circa 1560. National Gallery of Ireland. Photo taken at the exhibition site “Fashioning Masculinities: The Art of Menswear” © – National Gallery of Ireland

In Three themed galleries, Will be highlighted not less than one One hundred looks, Between designer dresses and period dresses, as well as a One hundred works of art – From sculptures, paintings, photographs, V&A collections and loans. From the Renaissance to the contemporary world, the exhibition brings together Artworks by artists such as Harris Reid, Gucci or Grace Wales Bonner by Sofonispa Anguisola and Joshua Reynolds, or by contemporary works of art designed and produced by Robert Lango or Omar Victor Diop. In order to reflect the evolution and diversity of men, the museumPart of a dance performance by Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures.

Beyond the simple reverse of men’s clothing, the exhibition will be called I wonder about the diversity of male clothing expressions, In recent years, the boundaries between the sexes have become blurred, with a host of icons still blurring. Harry Styles, Billy Porter, Sam Smith, David Bowie, and Marilyn Dietrich, This is one of the most important figures that visitors should see throughout the exhibition.

3 pictures

Billy Porter attends the Fashion Awards 2021 on November 29, 2021 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. © 2021 Samir Hussain

Three galleries cover three main themes – Undressed, over-dressed and edited (Undressed, over-dressed, dressed). Focusing first Male body, As well as Underwear, While focusing on the second Elite male wardrobe, High society from the Renaissance to the present day. Third, it will go down in history again The construction and evolution of clothing over the centuries.

For more information about the exhibition: “Fashionable Masculinity: The Art of Men’s Clothing”

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