Medical Association: We see how science and facts are lagging behind

Medical Association: We see how science and facts are lagging behind

The Bulgarian Medical Association (BMA) announces its readiness to nominate its representatives with the necessary expertise and knowledge to the task force set up by Prime Minister Grill Petkov to discuss measures in the National Action Plan to Deal with the Kovit-19 Infection. Said the status of the BMA sent to the media.

“The BMA follows with astonishment the discussions on ‘Green Certificates’ and what measures should be introduced to control the COVID-19 epidemic in our country, and the recent events and debate against”, “the organization notes.

Again, in the face of increasing pressure on the healthcare system, we see how science and facts are being left in the background against the backdrop of the loss of nearly 33,000 lives, including more than 170 colleagues – doctors.

Once again we look at how to advertise to certain individuals based on pseudo-scientific arguments, suggesting that there are different opinions among physicians, which the Medical Association has commented is not true. They say it is the duty of physicians to set aside conspiracy theories and present information that is impartial and scientifically proven but this is too much time.

“The vaccine is the only known way to protect us from insidious disease,” the BMA said. We, the doctors, have already been a role model, and more than 75% of us have been vaccinated, along with our sick colleagues, the organization notes that we are 90 percent protected physicians.

The BMA says green certification should not be revoked, especially when the fifth wave rises. Moreover, the Medical Association commented that in our country it was introduced with delay.

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