NBA Isiah Thomas vs Michael Jordan

“If he helps you win, he will tear your heart out and step on it.”

Some players will end up with nothing to win, including getting their hands dirty in the middle of the game. This is especially the case with the Hall of Fame hated by everyone in his career! Many years ago, the famous Pat Riley also had very strong words for him.

It’s harder to find a controversial team than the Bad Boys of Detroit, a team that erupted in the 80s and 90s. On the one hand, we are talking about one of the largest defensive forces in history and winning the doubles championship in 1989 and 1990. On the other hand, it is one of the dirtiest systems ever seen, using all the least blows you can imagine without hurting the opposing players. We can mention Bill Limber, the league’s common enemy for many years!

Nevertheless, if the interior was the chief of the pistons at the time, the chief of staff was none other than Isiah Thomas. The Hall of Fame Point Guard was a moth with a warrior mentality. Growing up in a very complex environment in Chicago, he grew up with the following attitude: Do not stop anything to beat your opponent. It includes beating in the painful place, in reality and metaphorically. Decades later, Michael Jordan is no longer openly hating him!

Pot relay money in the mind of Ezia Thomas

However, his Ernus was not the only one admiring him when he was playing upstairs. On the coaches’ side, too, it was frightening when Zke played against their team … Pat Riley, the Lockers coach Showtime Edition and one of them who faced Detroit twice in the final. During this period, he issued the following statement:

He will rip your heart out to win, and he will lay it on the ground in front of you and trample it.

That being said. At the same time, it summed up the character of a man who did not hesitate to provoke or even insult anyone. This got him into a bit of trouble, for example when he was disconnected from the Dream team in 1992 … but still did not excel in the league at the time. . However, his often hateful attitude deceived him, as the other members in the selection did not like him, especially Jordan!

However, on the Michigan side, we continue to celebrate No. 11 as the best player in his history. Back then, Thomas was the MVP title of a finalist, one of the top NBA qualifiers in 1984-85 with 14 offers per game and 12 All-Star Game selections. Better and worse (behaviors), the pistons benefited greatly from his existence to become a well-known owner:

Pat Riley did not talk a bit about Isaiah Thomas, but summed up the divisive nature of who he was as a leader. A very attractive player, for his explosions on the ground and his frenzy against his opponents.

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