Good news for Rudy Cobert!

Rudy Cobert is doing well, having not been due for a week due to Govt. The Frenchman is expected to join his squad in the coming days, which is good news. Without him, Queen Snyder’s men would have been greatly disappointed.

The author of a great season with Jazz, Rudy Cobert was cut off from his tracks, Covit was wrong. Pivot has joined the health protocol like many before him. A real blow to Utah, especially if you know the importance of the French in the game. The effect was quickly felt.

Without Gobjilla, Quinn Snyder’s men have played in 5 games. Judgment? Only one win, 4 defeats in total, and incidentally the worst defense in the league in this short run. Additional evidence that Rudy is changing a lot of things in Salt Lake City.

Rudy Cobert is coming back!

However, players can breathe: As ESPN’s Tim McMahon has now announced, Rudy is out of protocol. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Rudy Cobert is out of health protocol. The Jazz went 1-4 without him at a defensive rating of 120.8.

Speaking of defensive rating, it can be said that the lower this number, the better. In this case, it failed to control the counter-attacks without Jazz Cobert. An important sign for the front office may be seeking recruitment in this direction.

Jazz this season: 27-10 with Rudy Cobert. 1-4 without Rudy Cobert. In these 5 games without Cobert they are ranked 30th worst defensive.

Without the Frenchman, the Jazz have reached the bottom in these last 5 games. Even if Pivot comes back, the most worrying performances for the team aiming for the title. Especially in the playoffs we hope the owner will not be absent anymore.

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