Ethiopia proposes to create a buffer zone with the Tigris region

Ethiopia proposes to create a buffer zone with the Tigris region

Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday that the government was “drawing the attention of the international community to the legitimacy of the situation in the region.” TigreIn this, the Tigre Liberation Front is creating many obstacles and worsening the humanitarian situation.

“As a result of allegations by the Tigray Liberation Front that humanitarian truck drivers refuse to drive outside the area for security reasons, the federal government has decided to propose a buffer zone that can be managed by UN humanitarian organizations,” the statement said. Added.

He continued, “By arranging the transfer of drivers for those who do not wish to travel outside the Dikre region, the matter can be managed and a blanket public apology can be issued to each truck driver”.

The government has also decided to provide temporary UN plates to the trucks he received World Food Program Facilitates additional flights from Sudan, as well as to increase the transport of food and medical aid.

The conflict between the federal forces and the Tigre Liberation Front has been going on for more than a year, resulting in thousands being killed and hundreds displaced in the area.

The United Nations says the government is blocking humanitarian aid to the city of Tigre, where no trucks have entered since December 15.

More than 90 percent of degrading needs food aid, and doctors told Reuters last week that many, including malnourished children, were dying because entry was not allowed. Medicine To the region.

The government refuses to block the aid, and accuses the People’s Liberation Front of confiscating previously sent supplies.

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