Alain Delon and George Clooney: This famous French writer, they fell in love

Alain Delon and George Clooney: This famous French writer, they fell in love

As a guest on Refait La Télé on RTL, host Valerie Bénaïm trusted two world-renowned actors who advanced to her: Alain Delon and George Clooney.

It seems to have more in common with Alain Delon and George Clooney than a better film career. In fact, both men were fascinated by charm Journalist and presenter Valerie Benam. Guest this Saturday of the show We do TV again On RTL, she explained to herself about these flirting moments, unlike the others. Besides comedian Jamel Debose, she’s counted on her. “ Awards »Alain Delon.

The story goes back to the late 90s – early 2000s when he hosted a show on TF1. “It was with Guillaume Durand, during my first live bonus, that I was not far from it. Alain Dylan was very fond of me She explains on RTL’s microphone. Eventually he gets her phone number and calls her. “For the short story, I wandered around for a long time with a message on my phone from Alain Delon, not knowing that it was him, I did not pick up. I kept asking all my friends. Knowing about his reputation, the La Piss actor did not even bother to introduce himself: “He was like ‘hello, call me back'” She follows in a thin voice.

Host Valerie Benam

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Bad times

The journey continues on the path of memory. Movement 1998 and at the American Film Festival of Doo. Eric Dassard, a good animator, gets involved Another celebrity She had an attraction to: George Clooney. The American actor, who is as famous for his plastic as his game, passed on to deliver the film Invisible to the eyes. After an interview he told Valerie Benoit to go to dinner. “He must have been a little bored at Dooville, I think he did nothing but have dinner with a girl.” But, while getting married, The organizer rejects the invitation. “Have you called her since you got divorced?” ⁇ Laughs Eric Dussard. Now a columnist in the Touche Pas à Mon Poste, it is not certain that he will meet the same kind of encounter on Cyril Hanouna’s show.

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