The Supreme Court blocks the obligation to vaccinate companies, which is a setback for Biden

The Supreme Court blocks the obligation to vaccinate companies, which is a setback for Biden


The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a petition filed by President Biden seeking action by employees of large companies to vaccinate against Covit-19 or to carry out routine tests. The judges considered the move inappropriate in the lives of many Americans.

With our correspondent in Miami, David Thompson

The White House wanted to impose the vaccine on 84 million employees at the company, which has more than 100 employees. You will not be able to work until you carry out the Govt test every week at your own expense.

In the land of individual freedom, The move was announced in September Joe Biden was immediately denounced by elected Republicans as a tyrant and fought in court.

The Supreme Court took the matter as a matter of urgency and only three of its nine members, the Progressive Judges, voted in favor, with six of its six Conservative judges blocking the decision.

This duty encourages the Supreme Court of the United States in its judgment, “ Not the daily activity of the federal power, but the intrusion into the lives and health of a large number of employees .

Nevertheless, two Conservative judges voted with their progressive colleagues to review the vaccination obligation for health sector workers who benefit from federal funding.

Another humiliating political setback for Joe Biden, he immediately told himself. “ Disappointment “Court overturns this decision” General knowledge that can save lives .

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