MLB's collective bargaining agreement has upset players

MLB’s collective bargaining agreement has upset players

In an attempt to accept the terms of a new collective agreement, we learned a few days ago that MLB was going to file an offer to the players.

As expected, MLB’s first strike has begun – ridiculous. We suspected it, but it’s official: the players did not like what they saw.

Obviously, we knew it would happen, and there was no speed towards signing. There will be some more time.

Why? Because large files need to be negotiated. We are not talking about the Universal Choice Hitter that appears to have been acquired at this point.

According to Jeff Basson, one of the ideas proposed today is to offer a draft selection to clubs that do not handle the service time of big opportunities and to impose a different lottery on the draft.

We expect players to respond quickly, which is not too far behind and avoid defeat in games.

Among the problems that go * relatively well * is the process of raising the minimum wage. Players want to widen the gap between the rich and the “less fortunate” in the MLB and employers have provided an opportunity to do so.

We are far from lips, but do not seem to contradict the MLB concept.

In fact, it was the luxury tax payroll that deceived the players. MLBPA does not see employers making any incentives to raise luxury taxes or share revenue.

Again, the minimum wage file is at the center of negotiations.

Reducing when a guy becomes a free agent is not in MLB’s immediate plans. Players want to serve six to five years based on autonomy, but employers do not want to.

So yes, there is still a long way to go. At least everyone is at the negotiating table.

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