Jugé laid et trop cher, le «Marble Arch Mound» aura fait la quasi-unanimité contre lui, pendant ces six mois d'existence troublés. Il a fermé ce week-end.

London’s ‘worst tourist attraction’ closes after six months

The construction of the “Marble Arch Mount”, an artificial hill 25 meters high, cost more than 6 6 million, three times the planned budget.

It’s called Fiasco … Six months after it opened with great fanfare, it is the latest tourist attraction. London Had to leave business on January 9th. Widespread condemnation by the press and the public throughout the channel, the Marble Arch Mount (or Marble Arch Mount) would have crumbled. Many things have been criticized for this tourist feature carried out by the Westminster Council, which has a 25-meter-high artificial hill at the intersection of Marble Arch and Oxford Street.

First, its construction cost reached six million pounds (7,197,570 euros), viz. Three more times Melvin Kaplan, deputy mayor of Westminster Council, resigned in August – more than originally planned. His aesthetic flaw, which was later harshly criticized, attracted a lot of ridicule on social networks. Finally, it’s true that this mountain does not meet the advertised specifications – that is, includes “ Vast green spaces “And Show” Distinctive views of the city “, Was completed to provoke public outrage against him.

Preparations for the removal of the building have already begun. On Wednesday, workers could be seen working, now inaccessible to the public. At that point, passers-by took pictures of the mountain of conflict, as if carrying a monument of unimaginable gravity, whose fate was controversial.

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Hard starts

When the Marble Arch Mount opened, visitors were apparently skeptical. Except for the presence of the scaffolding during the opening, the elements of gravity were unfinished, which was very noticeable. In fact, the planned cafe or opening exhibition is not ready. In addition, the lack of reported greenery is particularly apparent, as is various evidence Photos posted by disappointed viewers – Above all, through the greenery, you can see beyond the vast structures of Hyde Park, the scaffolding of glamor that clings to it.

Viewers also declined the disappointing view provided by PuroMontory (over 130 steps). The British press added, Defender Especially standardization, a Article Released August 2021, “ Marble Arch Mount attracted the crowd, eager to see how bad it was .

Following the official announcement of the Mount Closure, Twitter users did not hesitate to post final mock comments about the failed attraction. Among them, journalist and writer Andrew Scott, signed under his pen name Otto English A Comment Confirmed on Twitter: “ Say goodbye to the Marble Arch Mount that costs மின் 6 million to Westminster taxpayers .

In a similar vein, one observer said it was the Marble Arch Mount. The worst thing [elle ait] Not made in London “It’s the same story in the British press. The Independent For example Monday’s headline: “ Marble Arch Mount: London’s most controversial attraction finally closes after avalanche of bad reviews .

Some support beyond everything

However some voices have been raised in support of the mountain of contradiction. For example, Conservative MP Tony Davenish pointed out, “Marble Arch Mount.” At a time when the West End was making a serious effort to secure jobs and recover from the Govt impact, he had encouraged a return to attendance. .

The council supported the short report of the charisma, recalling that its opening resulted in a large number of visits (over 242,000), thus helping to renew the economic activity of the merchants in the district during the crisis of epidemics.

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