Denzel Washington returned to the third mission

Denzel Washington returned to the third mission

At the age of sixty-seven, Denzel Washington There is no shortage of projects. Today, we learned that the Oscar-winning actor is going to repeat his role in the franchise Balancer For the third installment.

Antoine Fuqua should be the director

2021 will be another busy year for Denzel Washington. The American actor, who has not been in dark rooms since 2018, was spotted at the cinema in the detective thriller Little things By John Lee Hancock. We saw it too Macbeth’s tragedy By Joel Goen. Today, we learn that Mount Vernon’s native must participate in the film Equalizer3. If not planned to run the image again Antoine Fukua. Washington has already worked for the U.S. director several times Training day (Earned performance a Academy Award for Best Actor For a sixty-seven year old).

In an interview they asked about his next plans Collider, Declared Washington Premier : IThey wrote the movie The Equalizer 3, so I have to do it. I need to get back in shape to start kicking people ass ass… That’s good, right?

In the first two episodes of Ownership, the actor plays a former CIA agent named Robert McCall, who occasionally comes out after retiring to save poor souls.

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