Catherine Rich GM in the NFL?

Catherine Rich GM in the NFL?

Catherine Rich has never hidden her dream of becoming general manager of the NFL team, and Cubeser is taking it one step further with her loving will. The Minnesota Vikings want to meet whoever is on the candidate list for the vacant post starting Monday.

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It is difficult to doubt the source of the news, as Adam Schiffer is the most connected NFL informant on the ESPN network who leaked information overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

According to him, the Vikings have asked permission from the Eagles to meet Raiche, who holds the position of vice president of football operations within the organization.

To date, only one woman, Susan Doss Spencer, with the Eagles in 1983, has held the position of General Manager in the NFL.

Trusted guide

Former Alouettes and Argonauts general manager Jim Bob first opened the doors of professional football to Raiche in Montreal. She then followed him to Toronto, and the senior footballer hopes the Vikings will take a step back by hiring his former supporter.

“Some would say she’s young (32), but I’m sure she’s ready for this job. She already has a lot of experience, “Bob said in an interview Newspaper.

A great experience

In addition to his background in the Canadian league, Bob believes the last three years in the Eagles organization have been a great asset to Reich.

“In Philadelphia, owner Jeffrey Lowry and general manager Howie Roseman are great football minded people who want to teach their staff the basics. She was well surrounded.

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“I’m interviewed myself five times for general manager positions in the NFL, and each time I am criticized for not having my experience in the league.

Many candidates

Apparently, it is not because the Vikings are giving Cubeser an interview that he is guaranteed to come to the desired position.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune Mentioned several candidates who have received or will receive interviews.

The list includes two members of the Browns, namely Quasi Adofo-Mensa, vice president of operations, and Glenn Cook, vice president of personnel.

Also included is Elliott Wolf, the Patriots’ staff adviser, the son of renowned Packers general manager Ron Wolf. The Vikings have asked the leaders for permission to meet with Ryan Bols, director of their player staff.

John Spitech, vice president of Buchanan players, and Brandon Brown, Rich’s colleague at Eagles and director of player staff, are also involved.

“Football is a sport with a strong male presence, but the barriers are falling. The NFL has done a good job of moving things around. One day there will definitely be a general manager. It’s Catherine. She deserves it. Finished.

Road map of Catherine Reich

From 2015 to 2017

  • Montreal Alloytes, CFL (Football Management Coordinator)


  • Montreal Alouettes, CFL (Assistant General Manager)


  • Toronto Argonauts, CFL (Football Managing Director)


  • Tampa Bay Vipers, XFL (Director of Football Operations)

From 2019 to 2021

  • Philadelphia Eagles, NFL (Player Personal Coordinator)

From 2021 to today

  • Philadelphia Eagles, NFL (Vice President of Football Operations)

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