Ultraram technology combines working memory and storage

Ultraram technology combines working memory and storage

In the field of technology there is a clear distinction between working memory (RAM) and storage memory (ROM), whether it is a phone or a computer. One is volatile memory, which is the amount of memory that can be stored over time, including memory that is completely cleaned up when the device is turned off and the operating system of the device. But the differences between the two are measured in performance, and there is technology that wants to connect the two worlds.

At the University of Lancaster, British Mail This is because they were able to make some kind of breakthrough that would bring this memory development, already named Ultraram, towards potential commercialization. According to a team of researchers in the field of physics and engineering, Ultram memory combines the volatility of data storage memory, such as flash memory, with the speed, energy efficiency, and endurance of working memory such as DRAM.

This way manufacturers can determine what amount of memory is allocated to working memory and how much is allocated to storage memory, and this can be reversed and even changed by the user. What’s more, the Ultram researchers say that it is particularly durable, and that the data stored in it can last up to 1,000 years. The materials used to create the memory are similar to those used by semiconductor manufacturers in optoelectronic devices such as photodiodes and phototransistors.

It is an architecture that, although it is necessary to improve the production processes, is already very compact, so in theory manufacturers may have more memory in each such area. However, it should be noted that similar attempts have been made in the past, and today Intel has solutions called Uptane, which are currently only available for servers.

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