The Oscars 2022 are aspiring for a Master of Ceremonies

Jimmy Kimmel a dû gérer en direct le fameux «envelope-gate» de 2017 lorsque La La Land avait été annoncé par erreur Oscar du meilleur film.

After the hiccups of the 2021 edition, the most glamorous night of American cinema puts its destiny in the hands of a talented conductor for the first time in three years.

After more or less dangerous trials for three years, the ABC Channel announced on Tuesday that the Oscars evening will take place next March 27, which airs the premier event of the American Film Awards season.

Changing the formula is urgent. In recent years, visitors have been constantly eroded. In 2019, the first year without a presenter, the audience returned a little. 29.56 million cinematographers, or 3 million more than in 2018. Parasite And in the post-coveted world, the return of Oscars is only 10.40 million. A historical flaw.

Epidemic and the closure of theaters were mandatory, with studios recalling the highly anticipated blockbusters. Hill Where Western story, Running movies belong to independent cinema and are sometimes unknown to the general public. The 2021 edition set aside Chloe Zhao and her historic female success Nomads.

Erase the false note of 2021 vintage

Steven Soderbergh, who was appointed producer of the evening, has changed the well-oiled etiquette of the Oscars: there are no clips of films in the competition, the statue for the best film is final, not the last prize. The choice is very risky as the last presented trophy is for the best actor. Instead of going to the favorite and late Chadwick Bosman, Anthony Hopkins, who was staying in his own Wales, won. Father Florian Jeller did not attend the California ceremony and it ended abruptly, with neither the winner nor the host closing it. True False Note.

ABC has declined to say whether comedian Jimmy Kimmel, the master of ceremonies for the 2017 and 2018 Oscars, will return. In 2019, ABC and the producers were unfortunate. They had appointed Kevin Hart. But after the re-emergence of old tweets that were considered homosexual, the African-American comic lost control of the evening. He has not been replaced, so this is the first test of the conductor and his famous opening monologue.

Dare a superhero?

Meanwhile, speculation abounds. Specialty magazines present fun and very exotic choices. Hollywood Reporter The Academy of Oscars advises to learn from success Spider-Man: No Way Home And hand over the show to three resurrected spider humans at the planetary box office: Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. An attractive “personal joke”.

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