5 Best Night Performances in the NBA

RJ Barrett, Harden : Les 5 performances marquantes de la nuit en NBA

RJ Barrett (Charlotte Hornets)

It was during matches like last night that RJ Barrett recalled being a young player who was once considered the future superstar of the NBA. The third selection for the 2019 draft, following his second straight journey of over 30 points. 32 soldiers for the huge win against Mavericks (108-85). The Knicks are fourth in five games. With three points for more than 30 units for the young Canadian.

We want to see it as a sign. Even New York supporters. Could this finally be Winger’s uprising, or was he more erratic from his introduction with the pros? Barrett asserts himself to be the team boss with an average of 20 points The last 10 matches. It was time for the 21-year-old to leave. Because there is talent and talent.

Tennis Schroeder (Boston Celtics)

The Celtics are hard to beat when Jason Todd and Jaylan Brown rise. But, if an additional third player is involved … victory is almost guaranteed. Dennis Schrder joined the pair last night. Both All-Stars scored 33 and 34 points, respectively. He added 23. This is 90 of Boston’s 119 soldiers.

A sharp attacking performance from the German leader, he failed: 7 out of 11 in shots, including 4 out of 5 from 3-pointers.

James Horton (Brooklyn Nets)

The webs change to another dimension when James Horton is in it. Kevin Durant will always dominate. But when the extra bearded man develops at his MVP level, it becomes unusable by their opponents. The bulls now know something about it. Although first in the East, the bulls were beaten by their dolphins: Brooklyn Conquest, 138-112.

Horton alternated long shots and concessions for his unmarked team to stun the Chicago defense. 25 points, 5 award-winning baskets and 16 assists above all, some of which are pretty awesome.

Gordon Howard (Charlotte Hornets)

We forget about it a bit, but Gordon has a good season with the Howard Hornets. He leaves us unseen through shows that occasionally remind us of his presence. Like the 30 points he scored against the Sixers last night. The former All-Star has made 13 of his 16 attempts! With a top 4 in 4 behind the arc.

He distributed 7 assists and stole 3 balls. That’s enough, Charlotte finished Philadelphia’s seven-game winning streak, bringing his own tally to four. It’s been more than 5 years since the Hornets won against the Sixers (16 defeats in a row). So Howard chose the right time to shine.

Darius Garland (Cleveland Cavaliers)

The first career of the promising Cavaliers leader was tripled. Darius Garland lacked talent (including 1 in 3 of 11 three-pointers) but he did everything a little and made up for it. 10 rebounds in addition to his 11 points and 15 assists in particular. The Cavaliers then crushed the jazz, which would always have been very feverish without Rudy Cobert.

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