The European satellite is in trouble in orbit

The European satellite is in trouble in orbit

The Sentinel-1B radar satellite, part of the EU’s Copernicus Earth Surveillance Program, has not transmitted data since it went down on December 23, 2021.

The Sentinel-1A and 1B satellites are located in the European Space Agency's Copernicus zone.  Photo: ESA

The Sentinel-1A and 1B satellites are located in the European Space Agency’s Copernicus zone. Photo: That

Sentinel-1B is one of the most powerful Earth observation satellites, and the system problems are very serious. According to members of the Copernicus program, after the news of Sentinel-1B’s extraordinary event on December 23, 2021, they were carefully prepared to restore the satellite’s operation, including changing the structure of the satellite to prevent a recurrence. .

However, during production, they discovered that the initial problem was the result of a severe malfunction in one part of the electrical system on the Sentinel-1B satellite. Operating for the past few days does not allow the power supply function required to operate the radar to be reactivated. Over the next few days experts will do a closer look at the root cause of the problem and how to fix it.

Sentinel-1B was launched into polar orbit in April 2016, two years after the Sentinel-1A satellite. The satellite continues to provide high-resolution radar maps of the dual earth to a wide variety of users. Each satellite will store data for at least 7 years and will have enough fuel to operate for 12 years.

The Sentinel-1 twins were not the only spacecraft to embark on the Copernicus mission. The Copernicus galaxy also includes two Sentinel-2 satellites launched in November 2020, two Sentinel-3 spacecraft, the Sentinel-5 precursor and the Sentinel-6A satellite. According to the schedule, several new satellites will be launched in the coming years.

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