Temperatures are expected in South America

L'Argentine est actuellement touchée par une sécheresse importante et des températures caniculaires. © Lolorun, Pixabay

Argentina, southern Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay are facing extreme temperatures this week. The index 50 ° C mark can be reached or accessed these days.

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South America is currently in the middle of summer, and January is generally the hottest month of the year. But after a first wave hit Heat Last week with severe intensity, the south of the continent, especially Argentina, suffocated again under extreme temperatures. This weekend, the southern agricultural areasArgentina 48 degrees Celsius or even 50 degrees Celsius domestically will be affected, which will lead to a complete record of recorded heat for the country.

Argentina will be the hottest part of the world for a few hours. In an area known for its vast cultures But still, 35 to 40 C over weekends almost everywhere. In Buenos Aires, The Mercury Should rise to 38 C. Generally, the temperature is 10 to 12 C above the seasonal average. The region has been experiencing a drought for several months, according to agricultural experts Only 30% of the current crops are still in good condition.

La Nina event involved

Marked years La Nina event, A Disorder The warmest temperatures in the Pacific Ocean usually coincide with the worst years Drought In southern Argentina. Event Girl It has even more significant effects in South America, with wetter weather than usual in the north (flooding in Brazil) and drought in the south, perhaps pronounced in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Global warming In recent years.

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