“LeBron told me I was the basketball king in my area”

La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, a admis avoir voulu recruter un joueur l'an dernier, en vain

LeBron James is a true orange ball expert and has no equal in finding great talent in the future. Many years ago, he mentioned that he was an NCAA player, he later became the champion and MVP! The latter recently told this fascinating story.

And Stephen Curry One of the biggest point guards in history, few could have predicted him in his early years in the league. The usual injured ankle was discussed by the Warriors leader in the early 2010s, with many saying that the Californians were betting too much on him. His first contract in 4 years was extended to 44 million, which caused a stir at the time as it was still a large sum. Today everything has changed a lot …

However, some believed it was destined for bigger things, including this one LeBron James. On the side of Davidson University, King really enthusiastically followed in the footsteps of the Triple Champion during his university studies. What he saw confirmed his point: a legend in the making of Splash Pro. During an interview GQ Recently, Dub revealed that the person who was elected in 2008 gave him a big compliment:

Stef curry dubbed by LeBron James from 2007-08

I was in the second year of college and LeBron was already coming to my games. In fact I still have the jersey he gave me. Signed the jersey for me. I think it was November of my junior year. On the wall of my parents’ house in Charlotte, he is still there. He signed for me and called me the King of Basketball in North Carolina. So, I think it’s just as funny that statues are now becoming competitors.

This is nothing new, the relationship between the two future Hall of Famers is long overdue. I have to say they have one thing in common: their place of birth, each born in Akron, Ohio. If LPJ had done his pre-NBA curriculum in “his” state, Carrie would have moved him a lot because of his father’s career del. The latter specifically played for the Hornets between 1988 and 1998, prompting the chef to stay in North Carolina for his school career.

Also, when the well rises, LeBron is the first to discover the immense ability of a sniper guard, even before gathering on the big league floors for the first time. Shortly before Stephen’s draft in 2009, He made very strong predictions about him in particular. Although Baby Face actually took a while to break through, he did it and is now one of the best players in history, having fought some major battles with the winger over the years:

LeBron James and Stephen Curry are not two self-respecting superstars. They are also two men who have known each other well for many years, long before the leader was on the roof of the league. Good relationship to see!

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