Andrew Garfield: “Narnia” is a wonderful reason why he left Saga

Andrew Garfield: "Narnia" is a wonderful reason why he left Saga

Earlier in his career, Andrew Garfield had qualified for the role of Prince Caspian in “Finding Narnia.” The role was finally handed over to British comedian Ben Bornes.

The disappointment for Andrew Garfield was so great that he, with his own approval, dreamed of incorporating the wonderful story adapted from the works of the British writer CS Lewis. “I remember I was pessimistic. I had auditioned to play Prince Caspian, it was like ‘this will do, this will do’. The handsome and talented Ben Barnes finished that role. I think we were the last two actors in the run, and I was frantic in that role. Andrew Garfield told the American Channel. Entertainment tonight In 2017.

One of the actors in The Amazing Spider-Man, upset by the choice, asked his agent why he was not chosen for the role. “Why not me? She ended up telling me before my persuasion, ‘It’s because they (the actors, the editor’ note) think you’re not pretty. ‘

Before it became a safe race in Hollywood, Andrew Garfield recalled being unemployed for a long time by odd jobs. “For a year and a half, I worked at Starbucks, where I cleaned tables,” he recalled. The actor is today an indispensable face of American cinema, and has won the Golden Globes for Best Actor in a Musical Movie or Comedy for his role in Tick, Tick … Boom! Streaming on Netflix.

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