2021 Backwards: Amazon will create more than 500 jobs on Coteau-du-Lac

2021 Backwards: Amazon will create more than 500 jobs on Coteau-du-Lac

Amazon, a global giant, has rapidly begun operations at the ALTA Industrial Estate in Coteau-du-Lac.

The technology used at Amazon’s Coteau-du-Lac sorting center is the company’s most advanced in Canada.

(Photo: Denise Bourbonis – Regional Voice)

Within 9 months of announcing the establishment of the state-of-the-art sorting center, the US e-commerce company officially opened the 720 000 sq ft (66,000 m2) facility last October. , Equivalent to 7 football fields.

About 90 employees are already working on the deployment campus, making it the first time in Canada to integrate the most advanced mobile robotic order management systems.Amazon Robotics. When the YUL9 Sorting Center reaches its travel speed in the spring of 2022, 500 to 600 full-time jobs will be created.

“The technology used here at Coteau-du-Lac, the company’s state-of-the-art Canadian sorting center, will allow Amazon to increase the speed and efficiency of its services to better serve its customers in eastern Canada.” In addition to working, the environment is safer, ”said Anamaria Jammit, site manager.

The robots will operate next year in a large warehouse containing 126 loading docks. Orders will be selected until 2022 when Amazon operates the most advanced robotic infrastructure in Canada.

Products passing through the Coteaulacois sorting center come from the Amazon distribution center in Lachine. The lessons will then form 3e Parking at the delivery center in Laval and Lachin on Normand Street, chain of operations. This last attachment is responsible for delivering the package to the customer’s doorstep.

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