Xiaomi will open wherever you touch

Xiaomi will open wherever you touch

Internet Desk: Needless to say, fingerprint scanners have become mandatory on smart phones. With this in mind many well known companies offer fingerprint scanners in their products. Other companies have introduced the under display biometric scanner in their flagship mobiles. In this case, the Chinese technology company Shawmi has taken another step towards the fingerprint scanner.

Shawmi has reportedly taken the patent to bring a new type of fingerprint scanning technology to mobiles. With this new technology users do not have to try two or three times to unlock the phone. Also there is no need to touch or hold a specific area for fingerprint recognition. Instead users can touch anywhere on the mobile display screen to unlock the mobile. To this extent the technology is powered by LED transmitters.

However, this is not the first time an all-screen touch-sensitive sensor has created headlines. In August 2020, Huawei submitted the patent for such technology. Apple has previously announced that it will be bringing an under-display fingerprint sensor to its future mobiles. So far these two have not come into effect.

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