Hayao Miyazaki reveals 10 of his favorite pictures

The real giant of Japanese animated cinema, Hiao Miyazaki Often referred to as (exactly) one of the greatest filmmakers in history. So when the master presents his first 10 favorite pictures, we can be happy.

Master’s Inspirations

Through eleven films, Hayao Miyazaki has made a profound contribution to the history of cinema. That is to say Director of Home Totoro by my side And Princess Mononok Was able to deliver timeless and universal works to descendants, Offers a fantastic alternative to American animated cinema.

Very sensibly, Hiao Miyazaki had already talked about his favorite books, in which he had drawn up a list of fifty works that had inspired him., Which are obvious Alice in Wonderland Louis Carroll (he embraced it Excited) Or Little Prince By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

When it comes to his cinematic taste, Until now, Hayao had to read several interviews with Miyazaki or his historian, Toshio Suzuki, or many interpretations of the Japanese filmmaker. So we learn it For Princess Mononok, He was deeply impressed by the cinema of his compatriot Akira Kurosawa, And especially movies Fortress and spider And Hidden Castle.

Or if so Hayao Miyazaki does not like animated films from Disney Studios, he appreciates the series of short films. Funny symphoniesThe original experimental laboratory for Walt Disney, which led to many of its artistic discoveries Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Tampoe Where Bambi.

Or whatever French animated film Shepherds and Chimney Sweep, By Paul Grimald Based on a screenplay by Jacques Prévert, republished under the title King and bird, Was one of his biggest influences, and he was inspired by movies Cochlear Castle And Castle in the sky.

But today, We have found a list of 10 favorite films of the director Nousika of the Valley of the Wind, Posted by our British colleagues Distance.

  1. Jaws De Steven Spielberg (1975)
  2. The Helish Pursuit John Ford (1946)
  3. The spirit of the honeycomb Victor Eris (1973)
  4. Kochiama Sosun (In English, Priest of Darkness) De Sadao Yamanaka (1936)
  5. Snow Queen De Lev Adamanov (1957)
  6. Gray and diamonds d’Andrzej Wajda (1958)
  7. Soldier Ballad By Gregory Chowdhury (1959)
  8. Seven Samurai D’Akira Kurosawa (1954)
  9. Shepherds and Chimney Sweep Paul Grimault (1953)
  10. Fighting in Takata-no-Baba (in Japanese, Room We love fathers) De Masahiro Machino and Hiroshi Inakaki

By looking at the list of these images, we notice Very different flavors of Hayao Miyazaki. We have three Japanese movies (Kochiama Sosun, Seven Samurai And Room We love fathers), Two American films (Jaws And The Helish Pursuit), A Spanish film (The spirit of the honeycomb), A Russian film (Snow Queen), A Polish film (Soldier Ballad) And a French animated film (Shepherds and Chimney Sweep)

Hiao Miyazaki’s cinematic tastes particularly reflect the inherent qualities of his cinema.. OK though inside Ponyo on the cliff (In which he modifies Little mermaid) Or inside Excited, He adapts and Japaneseizes European literary works. So Hayao Miyazaki wants cinema that is open to the world.

Remember that The Japanese director is currently making a new film in 2023 : Kimi-tachi wa do Igiru ka? (In French, How do you live?) In the meantime, let us remind you that all the pictures of the Japanese legend are available on Netflix just like all the pictures of Kipli Studio.

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