David Ortiz looks back at his famous 2016 campaign

David Ortiz looks back at his famous 2016 campaign

In 2016, David Ortiz was 40 years old. Having previously announced that this will be his final MLB season, no one expected the infamous Red Sox nominee hitter to enjoy a historic campaign. Still, it happened.

Artis, who will undoubtedly be inducted into the Hall of Fame, has certainly improved his chances in 2016 as explained. Ian Brown to MLB.com.

In 2016, Big poppy He maintained a .315 batting average and hit a maximum of 48 doubles in the league. Despite his age as an All-Star player, he had 38 home runs and 127 RBIs. It is simply sin.

Why stop there? Artis admits it would be confusing to bow after such a season, but at the same time, his Achilles heel injury in 2012 caused him to end his life.

“Baseball is so amazing to me that I can’t despise the game for money. I may have signed myself ‘OK, I’m going to play for another year’, then what? What happens if I do not play and injury prevents me from playing? You are not young yet. The reason I decided to retire from the top post was because I was getting old. These other players, they may be my kids. That was something that bothered me. “

– David Ortiz

To be in good shape for his match, Artis could come to the pitch from 11:30 a.m., with the opening pitch only scheduled for 7 p.m. “I tell you, I worked very hard to perform better this past season,” he explains.

David Ortiz admits he’s exhausted. But it still gave the ball fans an unforgettable season. We should thank him for that.

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