Al-Halfoussi opens his candidacy for the presidency of the Republic of Iraq

Al-Halfoussi opens his candidacy for the presidency of the Republic of Iraq

Baghdad: «Gulf» – Agencies

Yesterday, Monday, the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Mohammed al-Halboosi decided to open the door of candidacy for those who want to run for the presidency of the Republic of Iraq, while the Democratic Party of Kurdistan announced the post. The President’s decision was resolved, citing an agreement to nominate two candidates for the post of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. He expressed hope that the new Iraqi government would be formed soon after the fifth session of the Iraqi parliament.

Compete for the presidency

In a statement, Al-Halbousi said, “The House of Representatives is announcing the opening ceremony on the basis of Articles (2 and 3) of Law No. (8) of 2012 (Nomination Rules for the Presidency). In the nomination for the presidency, those who wish to nominate must meet the conditions listed below, submit their written requests, along with official documents proving that they meet these conditions, and their CVs to the House of Representatives, and the House of Representatives (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) legislation. Submit to the department, in lieu of the delivery receipt proving that the request has been submitted, the date of submission and attachments of its documents. The statement said, “For the post of President, in accordance with Article (1) of the Act, Iraqi parents must be of full capacity and have reached the age of forty, with good reputation and political experience, and their integrity, integrity, justice and homeland.” Is known for faith. ” His academic achievement should not be less than an elementary university degree recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq. Likewise, he will not be punished for a crime related to moral turmoil, and he will not be held accountable and protected by any form of judicial practice or any modification thereof.

Kurdish Discrimination Agreement

On the other hand, Mahdi Karim, a deputy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, noted that “both the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union have agreed to nominate two candidates for the presidency.” Two candidates were nominated by the Patriotic Union, one of which will be decided before the constitutional date. “This issue has been resolved by the Kurdish camps and other groups, such as the Progressive Camp or the Chhattisgarh movement,” he said, adding that “just as the Speaker and his two deputies passed, so the Kurdish nominee for the presidency will pass easily.” He added, “The prime ministership belongs to the Shiite sect, and there is no objection to any form of these elements by the Kurds or the Sunni sect.”

Washington is accelerating the formation of the government

In this context, the US Embassy in Baghdad expressed the hope that Parliament would expedite the process of forming a new government. He added in a statement posted on Facebook that the council was “an integral part of the Iraqi democratic process and national sovereignty”. He added, “Given Iraq’s key role in regional stability and security, we hope that the Iraqi leaders and the new parliament will begin expediting the process of forming a new government. Continuing to defend democracy and address the urgent challenges facing Iraq.” And the region. “National Security Adviser Qasim al-Araji discussed the file for the formation of the Iraqi government with US Ambassador to Baghdad Matthew Tuller. File “.

Meanwhile, Hadi al-Amiri, the leader of the al-Bada coalition, discussed the country’s political crisis with Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qasimi. Al-Amiri’s office noted that “both sides discussed the implications of the political process and will find appropriate solutions in light of the current differences.” Al-Qasemi also met with the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Mohammed al-Halbozi, and congratulated him on renewing his confidence in the fifth session of parliament.

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