A continuation that the warriors did not have before the shock of the evening?

NBA Les Warriors diminués contre Memphis

The best record in the league will have to do a lot when traveling to the Golden State Memphis. Unfortunately for Steve Kerry, he can not trust the entire staff … Many jobs are expected, including Tremond Green.

Before the start of the season, some would have thought that Grizzlys would be in the top 4 of the Western Conference after 42 games. Still, Taylor Jenkins men scored, amassing at least 28 wins and 14 defeats. The playoffs are more relevant than ever, and the Tennessee players are ready for battle with a big win over the Lakers (127-119).

For their part, the Warriors started the campaign on the ground and then did not move an inch. With just 9 defeats and 30 wins, no one has performed better than Taps in 2021-22. Like bears, Stephen Curry & Co. Individuals have been typed since the resumption of the competition, such as the Nets for example. That’s enough to turn them into real candidates for the shoot, which is why Tuesday night’s match between the two teams looks like a fight above.

Tremond Green Out Contra Memphis, Otto Porter Suspicious

If Golden State is in favor, Taps should further reduce their workload against Memphis. Especially since the team is not complete … James Wiseman has already guaranteed his absence, and he will not be alone. Tremond Green was actually declared unfit to play at the Fiserv forum due to a calf problem. Gary Baton II and Otto Porter Jr. are rated on a daily basis, but if you know the politics of the house, they are not in the right outfit either.

Tremond Green will not play against Memphis due to pressure from his left calf. Gary Baton II suspect (left ankle sprain), following Otto Porter Jr. suffering from left shoulder pain.

The dancing bear is particularly vulnerable if it is not there, because the safety of Californians is to rub shoulders with a client: Ja Morant. The leader has been in Olympic form since the start of the season (25 points, nearly 6 rebounds and 7 average assists) and if his entitlement works out well, it is greatly thanks to him. Green’s watchdog qualities have helped him a lot to put the brakes on போலவே Like Baton II, even though he’s as strong as the Pattern Hall of Famer.

All of a sudden, Stephen Curry will have to come together to play against No. 12 so that he is not deliberately targeted. Chef is not bad in business this year, but the former Murray State is a little bigger challenge for him. Chris Lees, on the other hand, will have to tackle the legs for a Clay Thompson comeback. So this is the real tactical battle that will develop between coach Jenkins and Steve Kerr!

It remains to be seen whether Baton II and Porter Jr. will play, but the Warriors do not seem to be getting chances in the middle of the regular season. Anyway, the confrontation between them and Memphis is a sight to behold!

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