The most downtown abbey in London is the spirit house

The most downtown abbey in London is the spirit house

How to transform, without distorting it, a Stone and brick houses – Signed in 1881 by the Office London architect Ernest George ? Contemporary works like this painting by Pierre Soulages, the centerpiece of the living room, all speak of a single encounter. “Exchange with artists? This is a privilege, ”he explains Mary-Laure de Clermont Thunder, Lives here with her husband Jean-Fran்கois, Caspart, 15, and Charlotte, 17. “We met Bear Solages And his wife Colette in Paris, in his studio in 2011, and later settled. ”

A period house built with vibrant composition and fit

Always interested in art, Mary-Lore, fondatrice de Spirit Now London, Arranges exclusive visits to workshops, museums, etc. Purpose? “Despite the challenges posed by Brexit, promoting emerging artists in France and the United Kingdom and building bridges between culture, art and design …” Eclectic, he added. L’Spirit “Downton Abbey” The house, with its woodwork, Bow windows Stained glass and its Chimneys Monument, photo prints in vapor saturated colors Look at Martin, 18th century embedded drawers, Scandinavian

Minimal resistance, unexpected and cheerful “composition & fit”, where paintings and Antique furniture, Exotic animals, Velvet, Pop mattresses And a glowing copper wire totem sculpture by his latest favorite Franco-British artist Alice Anderson. “Our collection is not rational, he considers it to be a journey woven through travels, encounters, conversations …” In a continuum of other projects close to their hearts: Jean Franசois and Mary-Laure created access to education for children in India and Madagascar, and in France Foundation in their names funding art school grants. Always focus on the emerging talents.


A show full of details

In the pit of the waves. Behind Low table, Canopy Collections, Finn Juhlin sofa set in Allegra Higgs fabric. On the fireplace, embroidery of paintings and toys by painter Harmast Naryalwala (exhibition “Frida Kahlo, Making Her Self Up”, at the Victoria & Albert Museum), OK, Angelo Mangierotti, gallery Yves Casto’s “Eros” Console. Charlotte Kingsnord tree trunk table (


Beautiful bookshelves to highlight the beauty of the central canvas

Both sides of the canvas of the series “Outrenoirs” by Pierre Soulages, two Libraries Purchased at auction by Franco Albini. Behind the fireplace, Thomas Saraceno works on a wall made of spider webs.


Large erudite-style lounge with view of the English garden

In front Customized sofa, A white table, Willie Risso, and cushions, Allegra Hicks. Coffee table on the front, Ingrid donut, Carpenters Workshop gallery. Carpet, Allegra Higgs, customized. Armchairs, Finn Joule. Wall lights, Pierre Chareau.


Sculptures and paintings for the living room like art gallery

Inland landscapes. Above the 18th century Marquetry chest of drawers is a portrait of fashion photographer Miles Aldridge. Bronze and coral sculpture by French sculptor Philippe Hickey, Gallery Patrice Trigano. The blue painting was purchased at a trust sale by artist Wu C-Chung.


Artistic and design kitchen for final decoration

On the beach in Cooking, With a large format print by Italian photographer Massimo Vitali, is known for its large-scale and colorful paintings of tourist sites. Work adds color to this room, and Mary-Lore finds it when she arrives.


An artistic dining room

Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Peronno “The Man in the Blue”. Table, Maison Johnson. Chinese chairs and rugs. Sofa, Jonathan Adler. Sculpture by Annie Morris. Paintings: Virginie Morillo (right) and Edgard Pillett. Front, Ceramic The Invisible Collection, in the form of Jean Roger’s pineapple.


A bow window and a period wooden bench

A golden deer brought from a trip to Burma, the animal kingdom next to the living room. Coffee table, mole. Lamp, Isamu நோகுச்சி. Cousins, Alegra Hicks.


Totem is a sculpture that emphasizes high ceilings

Sculptural copper. Near the fireplace, the totem of young Franco-British sculptor Alice Anderson was nominated for the 2020 Marcel-Duchamp Prize. Above the fireplace, a painting by George Folmer, Gallery Diane de Paulinac. In the background, a sculpture of Annie Morris and the sofa, Jonathan Adler.


More room than perfect symmetry

Perfect symmetry in the bedroom, double mirrors and the Night times Of the family. Right, chair, Jonathan Adler. On the sofa, a Kashmir blanket brought from Peru. Bed, set of sheets, Christmas; Cushions, Allegra Higgs; Blade built in Venice.


A wooden bathroom with view

Through the scenes for a bougainvillea atmosphere in the bathroom.


Mary-Laure de Clermont-Donerre in her British living room

Selected collector, Mary-Lore de Clermont-Donerre and her dog Pinda.


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The report was published by Mary Clary Maison on 530 December 2021 – January 2022

Report and Photo: Bénédicte Drummond

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