Las Vegas, Pittsburgh and San Francisco last qualified for NFL playoffs

Las Vegas, Pittsburgh and San Francisco last qualified for NFL playoffs

Before Sunday, the 18th and final day of the regular season, three tickets must be picked up for the NFL play-offs. At the National Conference (NFC), the San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints competed, while at the United States Conference (AFC), the Indianapolis Golds competed with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Baltimore Ravens, the Las Vegas Riders and the Los Angeles Chargers. Race, to two places. Upon arrival, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Las Vegas acquired the rights to continue their season.

Socks record for DJ Watt

Indianapolis were the first team to go on vacation, having been unexpectedly beaten by the weakest team of the season, the Jacksonville Jaguars (26-11). The Florida defense was tough, with Colts quarterback Carson Vents dismissing him six times.

After this defeat, Indianapolis could still expect playoffs, but its hopes were dashed when Pittsburgh won at Baltimore (16-13 AD). In that game, DJ Watt raised his sock count to 22.5 this season, equaling the record set by former New York Giants star Michael Strahan.

However, after this victory, Pittsburgh did not qualify yet. He had to wait for the end of the meeting between Las Vegas and the Chargers. The balance between the two teams would have been devastating for the Steelers. But that did not happen. The Raiders finally won (35-32 AD), securing a place in the play-offs and taking Pittsburgh with them to finish the LA season.

At the national conference, the calculations were simple, with San Francisco and New Orleans playing simultaneously. The Californians deserved them with a hand, a win or a draw. Against the Los Angeles Rams, they intimidated each other, beating themselves 17-0 before the break. However, San Francisco were able to return to the score before winning in extra time (27-24). New Orleans’ victory in Atlanta (30-20) will be in vain.

No time to breathe in the NFL. The first round of play-offs will take place next weekend (See project below). The Green Bay Packers and the Tennessee Titans advanced directly to the second round with a win (28-25) against the Houston Texans on Sunday.

First round of play-offs

Saturday, January 15 :
Cincinnati Bengals – Las Vegas Riders (AFC)
Buffalo Pills – New England Patriots (AFC)

Sunday, January 16th :
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Philadelphia Eagles (NFC)
Dallas Cowboys – San Francisco 49ers (NFC)
Kansas City Leaders – Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC)

Monday, January 17th :
Los Angeles Rams – Arizona Cardinals (NFC)

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