Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys win in NFL

Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys win in NFL

The 18th and final day of the NFL regular season opened on Saturday with two games. The Kansas City Chiefs qualified for the play-offs, beating already eliminated Denver Broncos (28-24).

A stumbling block beats the firsts

With a 21-20 lead in the middle of the last quarter, the leaders took advantage of a stumble by Denver Melvin Gordon, who was rescued by Kansas City linebacker Nick Bolton. The latter then escaped to hit an 86-yard touchdown.

In the back, the Broncos could only respond with a field goal and the leaders, who had possession of the last attack, then turned the clock. Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw 270 yards and two DTs.

Kansas City could finish No. 1 at their conference

Hopefully his team will still be able to finish first at the US Conference and go straight to the play-offs. That would require the current No. 1 Tennessee Titans defeat at the conference against the Houston Texans on Sunday.

The Dallas Cowboys corrected the Philadelphia Eagles (51-26). Both teams had already qualified for the play-offs, and the Eagles had decided to retire a number of management players, including quarterback John Hurtz. The Cowboys took advantage of the opportunity to record seven touchdowns, five of which were shot by Duck Prescott, Texas QB.

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