Josh Cavallo has been plagued by homosexual comments since coming out

Josh Cavallo has been plagued by homosexual comments since coming out

Australian footballer Josh Cavallo, who revealed his homosexuality last October, was the target of homosexual abuse during a local championship match on Saturday. He promised on social media that he would continue to fight.

A few weeks after he came out, for the first time for a footballer still in action, Josh Cavallo sees the sad side of the coin in his bold gesture, namely the proliferation of homosexual comments against him.

On Saturday, with his club Adelaide during a championship match at the Melbourne Victory Ground, the Australians again came off the stand with multiple insults. When the meeting ended, the left-back broke a message on his social networks after the match, expressing his disappointment, but also his willingness to fight.

“Hate never wins,” Cavallo promises

“I’m not going to pretend I didn’t see or hear of homosexual abuse in the game last night,” he wrote. “I have no words to describe how frustrated I am. As a community, it shows that we still exist. I do not apologize, and I’m been out of football recently (…) for all the young people who have been victims of homosexual abuse, keep your head up and keep chasing your dreams. Football has no place in it. You ‘re coming. “

Then the Melbourne Club Responded in a press release, “Strongly condemns these outrageous behaviors”, and states that “erroneous spectators will be banned during the next matches”. An investigation has been launched by the league and both teams. Following his post, Kavalo received thank you support and positive comments at the end of his Instagram post: “Thanks to everyone for moving me. Love always wins.”

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