Desire is filmed differently, Nomi Merland

Desire is filmed differently, Nomi Merland

Nudity does not scare him … as long as it is allowed! But actress Noémie Merlant wants to see different bodies on screen. Now the director of “Mi iubita mon amour”, he wanted to film love without power relations.

Fire painter Portrait of the burning woman By Celine Siamma, Mistress of the Pornographer Interested By Lou Genet, Cyber ​​Harassed Student Olympic By Jacques Audiard, Noémie Merlant embodies a contemporary freedom where the body of women has things to say.

Remember your first love scene in the cinema?
It was inside In addition the orphan in one arm less (Jack Richard, 2012). I joined Melville Boubat in the bathtub and we kissed … I was dressed, he was not, usually it was the other way around.

Is Desire Playing Taught in the Florentine Lesson?
I do not remember ever talking about the subject. When we played, it was almost clear: it’s happening, we’re going. The boys might go a little farther, but at that point we said nothing and it was normal. In addition, I was still a model, my body was no longer mine. From my first shoot, younger, I lay naked on the floor, with the photographer touching me, putting his fingers in my mouth … not learning to say no, I learned to enjoy, I learned to be compliant. . I’m not ashamed today.

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