When trying to prevent London candidates from tricking immigration

When trying to prevent London candidates from tricking immigration

“An integrated approach to direct social engagement through oral counselors and telephone assistance” : These sayings belong to Universal English, where NGOs try to convince their donors of the success of their projects. Project implemented by Seifer’s Company Afghanistan In 2020, the most unusual: “Influence on Migration Results” Or, as the company says a Was contacted, Appease the Afghans “Abandon their irregular relocation plans in favor of safe and legal alternatives”.

Support at the highest level

A specific function, but supported at the highest level in the United Kingdom: according to a British newspaper survey The Independent, Released on Tuesday, January 4, the British government actually funded பிரச்ச 700,000 (approximately 40 840,000) for the campaign, which was launched a year before it was acquired. Taliban Leading to the desperate flight of tens of thousands of Afghans in the country.

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This task was entrusted to Siefer Company, which explains “Work with vulnerable people and create a better future for them” On its website, it largely incorporates the codes of humanitarian voluntary organizations. The company, founded in 2014 and based in Hong Kong, has an impressive list of “sponsors” on its site, including the British, Danish, Australian, Austrian and German governments and the World Bank and the European Commission.

Prevent immigrants

The communications operation aimed at preventing immigrants from attempting to cross the United Kingdom after a long voyage continued beyond 2020, not only with Afghanistan: the company is expected to receive 500 500,000 (approximately 600 600,000) from the agreement, based on an agreement reached with the British government last year. “Communication Strategy for the Influence and Prevention of Organized Immigration Crime”. It should be specifically included “Proposals to Prevent Migrants and Guide them to Reliable Alternatives through Multilingual Sites and Telephone Services”.

Problem, note The Independent : If the sites the company has already set up do not hesitate to describe the dangers posed by those attempting to make the long trip to the UK, they will at no time mention how to seek asylum on the spot. For the British government, which has been trying for months to prevent immigration groups from crossing the canal, there is no question of questioning this deterrent strategy disguised as an information service for immigrants: The Independent That, “We do not apologize for using all the tools at our disposal to provide life-saving information to migrants when their lives are in danger.”.

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