The Williams team wins the trial against the 2020 sponsor Rocket

The Williams team wins the trial against the 2020 sponsor Rocket

F1 2020-New Williams-FW-43 in winter testing in February

Team F1 Williams will collect a good amount, almost a check $ 37 million It 35 million!

Rohit, one of his former sponsors, has been linked with a move away from him since the end of the 2020 season.

Because of the delay in the planned payment of the American company, the British panel deliberately and unilaterally decided to break the contract, leaving it to its lawyers and advisers to pursue this subtle case!

Sent him to justice …

The decision has now been reviewed and adjudicated, so the California court granted its version of the arbitral award between the two parties, and it has indicated that it has given its verdict that Rogit should pay approximately. $ 35.7 million Outstanding amount, plus $ 1 million in compensation.

Rogit’s owner Jonathan Kendrick did not see this and continues the process he mentions:

“We have no problem paying when we get what we pay for. We want to go further on this matter, but for now we can not comment further.

So the follow-up to the trial does not seem to be over. The lawsuit was probably funded by a Los Angeles federal court, which ruled that Rohit had “vaguely promised” payment!

F1 2020 Catalonia-February 19 – 1st Test Day – George Russell Williams Mercedes

Note that the Rokit Group operates in a number of sectors, including telephone and beverages, and was Williams’ ‘main’ sponsor in 2019, already in the first year of this partnership, up to the extension of the contract. At the end of 2023!

Rogit logos were last seen during the winter trials of the 2019-2020 off-season!

INDYCAR 2021- TEXAS Fort Worth – S√Čbastien BOURDAIS Team AJ FOYT in rocket colors

Since then, Rohit has continued his various sponsorship activities at Motorsport, with the Venturi team at the Formula E World Championships for Electric Singles, the W Series Women’s Championship and finally the IndyCar Championship Team. Foyt.

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INDYCAR 2019 – INDY 500 Trial on April 9 – S√Čbastien BOURDAIS AUX COULEURS ROKIT

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