Patres considered Carlos Peltron for the coaching job

Patres considered Carlos Peltron for the coaching job

Prior to the strike, San Diego Patres made a winter appointment. In fact, the California team hired Bob Melvin as manager.

Melvin will bring experience and discipline to a young team.

According to Ken Davidoff, San Diego also considered Carlos Peltron for the position of coaching staff.

Not necessarily as a manager, but in a slightly less important role in the company.

Peltron has never managed a game on a professional team. He was hired as a manager by the Mets, yes, but he was fired before he could play a game. For reasons known to all.

Speaking of the Mets, keep in mind that they never considered Peltron for another position in the company.

Coming back to Patres, the discussions with the former Astros player were never serious.

According to David Off, he does not appear to have any real interest in Peltron’s return to the MLB squad.

One thing is for sure, Carlos Peltron’s family does not want to go and he has good financial security. If he wants a position on a team, he will do it because he wants to, not because he wants to.

Talks with Budres are a good sign that Puerto Rican is returning to the MLB (if he wishes). Because yes, he deserves a second chance.

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