How To Track James Webb Telescope |

How To Track James Webb Telescope |

Astronomers believe that the first stars appeared when the universe was about 100 million years old. (It’s 13.8 billion years old today.) The oldest galaxy astronomers who have seen the use of the Hubble Space Telescope predict that the universe evolved 400 million years after the Big Bang. What happened during those 300 million years when the universe underwent a bright journey and how the Big Bang exploded in a sky full of stars and life is a mystery.

This telescope will help astronomers better explore the vast black holes in the centers of planets orbiting galaxies and other stars in our galaxy.

To make these scientific observations, the web telescope relied on a 6.5 meter diameter primary mirror compared to the 2.4 meter diameter Hubble glass. This gives her seven times more opportunity to collect light and see more of the past.

Another important difference is that it is equipped with cameras and other devices that are sensitive to infrared or “hot” radiation. Due to the expansion of the universe, light with commonly visible wavelengths becomes long infrared waves invisible to the human eye.

Engineers had to develop 10 new technologies to make the telescope more sensitive than the Hubble telescope. Excessive optimistic table expectations, periodic expansion events and confusing expense reports dragged the table into 2021, raising total spending to $ 10 billion.

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