First woman in the Australian Baseball League

She soon realized that for a little girl who wanted to get involved in the game of baseball, it would be hard to do so as an athlete. Baseball is a sport for men, but not for women at the Olympics. Some would say that women can play softball at the Olympics. Is true. Except that men can also play softball (Canada has a men’s softball team).

It is rare for a woman to feature in a professional baseball game as a player. But it happened in the Australian Professional League (ABL). Genevieve Beckham, just 17 years old from Australia, made his debut for the Melbourne Aces in the game against the Adelaide Giants.

Despite his team losing, Beacon did not give up a point or a win. Good first acting. It is a pleasure to see a woman on a professional men’s team.

In an interview Game Chart, Beacom offered this advice: “If someone tries to force you to do something you do not want to do or force you to play softball, do not ask. “

Women, as players, when in the MLP? This will never happen, but why are there no women in the Minor League? For that, the NCAA will first need to set up women’s baseball. And to provide visibility for female talents in all sports.

Keep in mind that while the Canadian national women’s softball team won a bronze medal at the last Olympics, the men’s baseball team did not qualify for the Olympics and is currently in ninth place than the Netherlands.

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