Election of the Board of Directors at the beginning of 2022 – Civil

Election of the Board of Directors at the beginning of 2022 - Civil

This Sunday, January 02, 2022, the executives, activists and activists of the MAK North America Coalition, Canada and the United States held their regular public meeting. Led by Mass. Karim Achab, Mass. Reza at Sid assisted in the renovation of the Office of Executive Coordination in accordance with MAK’s laws and the internal rules of North-American integration.

After checking the list of those present, after listening to Kapil’s national anthem, a minute’s silent adjustment in memory of all the Kapil victims killed by the Algerian colonial government, and after mentioning their support and their unwavering solidarity with all. Activists have recognized the moral and financial numbers of abducted and imprisoned political prisoners for 2020 and 2021. Following that, the chairman of the session presented the candidates for the post of administrator. After the debate, activists democratically approved the new executive coordination office by a majority.

The founding meeting was held on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, during which the following legal positions were voted on:

அச Original Ifalin as General Secretary;

A Treasurer Aksil Asafou;

ால் Jamal Imzoudan as Communications Manager;

Ou Mourad At Lwenes Organic Manager.

The Coordinating Office is committed to fulfilling its primary mission of implementing the movement’s plan, integrating its structures, internationalizing and defending Kapil’s cause.

Long live the people of Kapilia, long live MAK, long live Kapilia free and independent.

Reza, Sɛid, P / MAK at the Diaspora Office.

SIWEL 082205 January 22

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