Disney is developing 3D object display technology without glass for its amusement parks

Disney is developing 3D object display technology without glass for its amusement parks

Never stuck with the idea of ​​its theme parks, Disney has filed a patent to simulate a virtual 3D world without glasses or any other device.

Disney’s theme parks will become a real exhibition space for the most advanced technologies! The “Kiwi Project” brings together engineers and robotics experts to design animated and autonomous copies of Disney characters. Last year’s presentation of Crude Robot Bigger Than Life caused a stir!

An augmented reality experience without accessories

But Disney does not want to stop robots. As an entertainment company it operates on unprecedented augmented reality experiences. The patent, filed by the company and verified by the U.S. Intellectual Property Office in late December, shows that Disney wants to create attractive spaces for its theme parks so that users can view 3D objects without the aid of accessories. To wear itself.

The invention revolves around high-speed projectors integrated with the localization and mapping system. The latter can follow a user, thereby calculating his position in space and thus modifying the projected image. Of course, everything has to happen in a gravitational pull and for all participants so that the illusion is successful for everyone.

Aside from amusement parks, Disney hopes the technology will be useful at home. This allows the user to view a movie gallery, photo gallery and other virtual space directly at home.

Currently, this is the only patent that should be created in real life. But interest in this project has not diminished, which can take amusement parks to a whole new dimension!

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