With “The Last Daughter” on Netflix, Maggie Gillenhall reveals the ambiguity of mothers

With "The Last Daughter" on Netflix, Maggie Gillenhall reveals the ambiguity of mothers

For her behind-the-scenes debut, she signed on to a subtle and confusing adaptation of the novel by American actress Elena Fernandez. The film is available on Netflix from December 31st.

“Exciting and dangerous.” Such as, step New politician, Maggie Gillenhall’s first words after closing Stolen toy, Novel by Elena Fernandez (published by Callimart in 2009), published in 2006. Soon, the American actress decided to send a long letter to the Italian novelist through her author, whose true identity remains a secret. She had a presentation about it: the book contained the content of a film that was as confusing and heady as Ferrande’s prose.

This movie, Lost daughter, Available on Netflix from December 31st. This is Maggie Gillenhall’s first film as a director and the first English adaptation of a novel by Elena Fernandez (her famous history). Wonderful friend Is the subject of a series taken on Neapolitan dialect).

To Atlantic, Lost daughter Creates a Tour de Force, the language of Ferrande Stolen toy Switching to the screen was hard. In the words of its narrator Lita, “Stacks of phrases like fever and dream, streams of memories in his mind, wandering thoughts, colorful greetings, follow at a frantic pace about his holidays”. American Magazine continues:

To translate all thisGillenhall had to find his own visual vocabulary.

To do this, the filmmaker used two actresses, each of whom plays Leda at two points in her life. Olivia Coleman (Crown) Gives his features to a woman in her fifties who is a professor of American literature who came to spend a part of her summer alone on a Greek island. According to Jesse Buckley, he resurrects the woman in a series of flashbacks.


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