“Where is the newborn baby?” Respond by applause

"Where is the newborn baby?"  Respond by applause


Argentina, who is currently on vacation with her friend Patricia Griffini, was attacked on social media: Model’s response

Belen Rodriguez She spends some holidays with her best friend Patricia Griffini. The two women headed for the other side of the earth Punta del Este, Tourist site உருகுவேயன். For Showgirl it was a moment of detachment Good rhythm, Is far from everything. From his children, Santiago, Who is with Dad Stefano di Martino, e To the moon and back, Lying in daddy’s arms Antonino Spinalpeace. About the latter: Belen ended the relationship with him. The final choice was enough by Rodriguez, the well-known murmur that had come a few days before Christmas. There will be misunderstandings about the character in the look of farewell. But back to the holidays in Uruguay …

Patricia and Belen update their fans daily about their trip to South America. Under one of the recent posts, for a change, there were plenty of comments. Some support, others critique. In a rebuke the model lost her temper. To wake it up a user jokingly asked her where she left off Daughter Luna Marie, born last July. “My evening greetings to you. But tell me, is the newborn baby (a little girl, Ed) just born?, The dramatic question of the follower. So Rodriguez’s fiery response and applause: “Your brain instead?”.

Belen is on vacation in Uruguay

As mentioned above, Luna Marie is currently with her father Spinalbase, who brought the baby with her to her hometown of La Specia. As his relationship with Belen evaporated, Antonino often settled in the city of Ligurian and took refuge in close affections.

Shokerlin’s other former, Stefano de Martino, in C magazine, the latest issue of Newsstands, He whispered Christmas With his ex-wife. The draft, which gave life to the couple’s nostalgic hopes that the Campania conductor and the Argentine model would not stop feeding hope that one day it would be okay, drove the rumors crazy. On the other hand, the ways of love are endless … who knows!

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